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A Smaller, Travel-Sized Version

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Welcome friends, fans, fiends and florists, to what will be the smaller and travel-sized version of Weiβ Kreuz web experience!

We know the frustration of searching for tidbits of information, translations, live links, and merchandise for anime and manga such as this series. We decided (upon the closure of the HopeForlorn.net site) to create a place here at LiveJournal for all the goodies that may be missed - the drama cd translations, the music, official art - to help fans (new and old) get the stuff they may be missing.

You must be friended to this journal to see any download links for music, drama CD files or AMVs as these will be under a friends lock. The Moderator does not read any journals from here. If you would like to keep track of me, please visit yohjideranged (I don't bite that hard unless you want me to). This journal is strictly for the purpose of the HopeForlorn.net site and will be treated as such.

This journal respects all views and opinions about the show and humanity in general. YAOI, Yuri, Het, Shoujo Ai, and Shounen Ai are all equally welcome. So please, be nice.

Currently, this journal is a work in progress as we move over all the tidbits of information and arrange the tweaking of the appearance. It will all end up here - please be patient with me!

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